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Vanity Fair: Episode 5 (ITV 23 Sep 2018)



Episode 5: As The Battle of Waterloo begins, Amelia (Claudia Jessie) is sick with the fear about George’s (Charlie Rowe) safety. But Jos (David Fynn) is far more worried about himself, and Becky (Olivia Cooke) sees him as an opportunity to make some quick money. She sells him the horses Rawdon (Tom Bateman) left behind for a ridiculously high price, and Jos scarpers.

The battle rages on, and the English battalion take up their firing positions. As they advance, one of their number is shot in the heart…

Airdate: Sunday 23 September 2018 at 9.00pm

Season 1, Episode 5

With: Johnny Flynn, Frances de la Tour, Olivia Cooke, Tom Bateman, Suranne Jones, Michael Palin, Claudia Jessie, Martin Clunes,