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Villains: Belinda (ITV 2 Sep 1972, with Gwyneth Powell)



London Weekend Television

In Belinda, written by the always brilliant John Bowen, Belinda Patten is a bank teller who was caught up in the “bog robbers” raid – she gave information to one of the gang Bill but has never been caught. She is also holding on to a large cache of money.

Belinda has also just discovered she is pregnant and decides to spill the beans to her probation officer husband James who is less than impressed. It isn’t too long before the money begins to cast a spell over him, especially when he reads in the paper that Bill has been seen in Rio.

James’ desire to help an old man, Delphine, pay off a debt that would enable him to be put in an old people’s home brings the police into play – instead of paying off the debt Delphine begins spending it.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 2 September 1972 at 9.30pm

Writer: John Bowen / Production Design: Colin Pigott / Director: Tony Wharmby

Series: Villains Episode 7 (of 13)

Gwyneth Powell as Belinda
Colin Farrell as James Patten
Barbara Laurenson as Secretary
Aubrey Richard a Delphine
Michael Cashman as Charlie
William Marlowe as Bill
Georgine Anderson as Health Visitor
Alfred Maron as Shopkeeper
Colin McCormack as Detective