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Villains: Chas (ITV 12 Aug 1972, Caroline Blakiston, Stephen Yardley)



London Weekend Television

In Chas, Rene is trying to track down her husband, one of the bog robbers who escaped en route to their appeal, he hasn’t been seen since and neither has his £30,000 share of the robbery. Everybody says Chas is a good man, not a single enemy outside of the police but nobody appears to have a clue where he is.

Jimmy, the young man who has been scrupulously cleaning Chas’s car every week is also clearly hiding things. Matter come to a head when Roy, the barman investigates and discovers money hidden in a tyre in Chas’s garage.

The episode ends on a pretty violent note, especially for the time period, with Jimmy taking matters into his own hands.

Despite being the title character Chas only appears in this through the clever use of photographs as more about what actually happened to him is revealed.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 12 August 1972 at 9.30pm

Writer: P.J. Hammond / Production Design: Frank Nerini / Director: James Goddard

Series: Villains Episode 4 (of 13)

Caroline Blakiston as Rene
Richard Harbond as Jimmy
Stephen Yardley as Erskine
Donald Webster as Blythe
Doreen Herrington as Housewife
Ron Pember as Mush
Brian Hall as Roy
Brian Pettifer a Youth
Sheila Sands as Stripper
William Marlowe as Bill