Villains: Commander (ITV 5 Aug 1972, Michael Culver, Barbara Leigh-Hunt)



In Commander, the third episode of anthology series Villains, Peter Glazebrook, one of the infamous “bog robbers” is on the run having escaped with the rest of the gang whilst en route to the appeal court. He seeks refuge with his former fiancee Helen who is less than pleased to see him.

Another strong episode, basically a two hander between Michael Culver and Barbara Leigh-Hunt, excellent actors both. Flashbacks show how their relationship developed and how as time goes on Helen discovers just what a fantasist Peter really is. Nothing he has told her, about being in the Navy, a Cambridge education, working as a top salesman, is actually true.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 5 August 1972 at 9.30pm

Writer: Robert Holles / Production Design: David Catley / Director: Derek Bennett

Series: Villains Episode 3 (of 13)

Michael Culver as Peter Glazebrook
Barbara Leigh-Hunt as Helen Griggs
Noel Hood as Mrs Glazebrook
Rosamund Greenwood as Aunt Truey
John Welsh as Dr Glazebrook
Ken Butler as Racing Commentator
Joseph Greig as Arthur
Reginald Barrett as Harry Pendle

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