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Villains: George (ITV 22 July 1972, David Daker)



London Weekend Television

Villains dealt with the fall out from a major bank robbery planned by nine men, this episode focused on the character of George as the “Bog Robbers” as they were known headed to the appeal court.

At the midway point the whole gang escape from prison (in a great raid set up by Bryan Marshall’s Hepton as the gang are on their way to appeal court).

A fabulous cast is the real highlight of this opening instalment of the Villains anthology series, each episode mainly focused on a different villain with flashbacks exploring how they came to be where they were.

David Daker had quite the line in menacing characters in his early roles before mellowing out in Boon during the 1980′s.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 60 minutes / AIRDATE: 22 July 1972

Writer: Ray Jenkins / Production Design: Frank Nerini / Creator and Producer: Andrew Brown / Director: Tony Wharmby

Series: Villains / Episode 1 of 13

David Daker as George
Hilary Dwyer as Franca
Bryan Marshall as Hepton
Jim Norton as Smedley
John Kane as Gordon
Tom Adams as Bernie
William Marlowe as Bill
Martin Shaw as Monty
Michael Culver as Glazebrook
Bob Hoskins as Knocker
Alun Armstrong as Tel
Patrick Durkin as Smith
Paul Eddington as Percival
Mary Healey as Jenny
John Bryans as Byers Q.C.
John Barcroft as Laval Q.C.
John Rae as Mr Justice Billington
Clifford Parrish as Matthews
Dervis Ward as Panton
Dennis Blanch as Martin
Michael Hall as Doctor
Godfrey Jackman as Reception Officer
Chris Cunningham as Escort P.O.