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Villains: Move In, Move On (ITV 9 Sep 1972, William Marlowe)



The excellent William Marlowe takes centre stage in Move In, Move On (he has made the most appearances in the series so far, (this made his fourth appearance out of 8 episodes), in fact all of the gang make an appearance (in flashback form of the planning robbery) and there is a good crossover with the previous episode Belinda with several scenes from that now seen from Bill’s point of view.

As the episode opens Bill Whittaker is now living in Portugal under an assumed name but isn’t happy, especially hen he feels his neighbours are getting a little too nosy.

For the first time we actually get to see the planning and carrying out of the robbery with Bill masterminding and George organising.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 9 September 1972 at 9.30pm

Writer: Robin Chapman / Production Design: Colin Pigott / Director: Robert Tronson

Series: Villains Episode 8 (of 13)

William Marlowe as Bill Whittaker
Marion Mathie as Dora Hewitt
Gwyneth Powell as Belinda
Michael Corcoran as Barman
David Daker as George
Julian Herington as Simon
Nigel Ashton as Mark
Bob Hoskins as Knocker
Michael Culver as Glazebrook
Martin Shaw as Monty
Alun Armstrong as Tel
Tom Adams as Bernie
Santiago Varela as Workman
Jim Norton as Smedley
Patrick Durkin as Mike Smith
Johnny Shannon as Mr Davies
Joan Peart as Mrs Bassington-Jones
Geoffrey Lumsden as Dr Bassington-Jones
Beryl Cooke as First Miss Sinclair
Agatha Carroll as Second Miss Sinclair