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Wallander: Before The Frost (BBC-1 22 July 2012, Lindsay Duncan)



Before The Frost

In Before The Frost Wallander is asked for help by a friend of Linda, his daughter. However before he can help the girl disappears, meanwhile he has his hands full when the cremated body of an elderly lady is found in a shallow grave. The murder appears to be the work of someone with an obsession with religion.

In the original novel Linda has decided to enter the police force and the investigation is mostly carried out by her with Wallander often on the sidelines but the actual plot remains substantially the same.

production details
UK / BBC One – Yellowbird / 1×90 minute episode / Broadcast Sunday 22 July 2012

Writer: Peter Harness / Novel: Henning Mankell / Producer: Sanne Wohlenberg / Director: Charles Martin

Series: Wallander Series 3 Episode 3

Kenneth Branagh as Kurt Wallander
Jeany Spark as Linda Wallander
Lindsay Duncan as Monika Westin
Andrew Buckley as Pastor Svensson
Barnaby Kay as Lennart Mattson
Rebekah Staton as Kristina Albinsson
Sarah Smart as Ann-Britt Hoglund
Richard McCabe as Nyberg
Lynn Farleigh as Julia Hassleberg
Jonathan Bullock as Henrik Jacobsen