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Wallander: One Step Behind (S1EP3 BBC One Sun 14 Dec 2008, with Jeany Spark)



One Step Behind: Three youngsters are shot dead whilst having a woodland picnic in fancy dress. The corpses are found, and a friend of the victims is also slain, having told Wallander that his workmate was really gay, and that he is a transvestite, and a wholly murderous one, who adds to his toll of dead by killing a further trio of innocents.

Kurt Wallander played by Kenneth Branagh
Anne-Britt Hoglund played by Sarah Smart
Lisa Holgersson played by Sadie Shimmin
Svedberg played by Tom Beard
Martinsson played by Tom Hiddleston
Nyberg played by Richard McCabe
Linda Wallander played by Jeany Spark
Louise/Ake played by Ben Meyjes
Astrid Hillstrom played by Anna Ahlerup
Martin Boge played by Melker Sorensen
Lena Norman played by Nicholas Briggs
Eva Hillstrom played by Lorraine Brunning
Lillemor Norman played by Samantha Best
Klas Boge played by Duncan Holmes
Sverdberg’s caretaker played by Ragnar Landerholm
Ylva Brink played by Sanchia McCormack
Nurse played by Renee Johnson
Duty officer played by Hakan Bengtsson
Bjorkland played by Steven Pacey
Isa played by Flora Spencer-Longhurst

Writer: Richard Cottan
Director: Philip Martin

Airdate: Sunday 14 December 2008 on BBC One.

Season 1, Episode 3

Series: Wallander