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Wallander: The Troubled Man (S4EP3 BBC One Sun 22 May 2016, with Terrence Hardiman)



The Troubled Man: His memory is going to pieces and he is no longer officially on duty, but Wallander draws on all his resources to find Linda’s missing father-in-law, a former top official in the Swedish navy, obsessed with a decades-old submarine mystery. Slowly losing his grip on reality, Wallander is desperate to solve this one last case.

Kurt Wallander played by Kenneth Branagh
Håkon von Enke played by Terrence Hardiman
Linda Wallander played by Jeany Spark
Povel Wallander played by David Warner
Doctor Oberg played by John Lightbody
Simona played by Boel Larsson
Louise von Enke played by Ann Bell
Nils Ytterberg played by Simon Chandler
Sten Norlander played by Christopher Fairbank
Lennart Mattson played by Barnaby Kay
Nyberg played by Richard McCabe
Tobias Eliasson played by Joe Claflin
Klara von Enke played by Kitty Peterkin
Hans von Enke played by Harry Hadden-Paton
Steven Wilson played by Garrick Hagon
Nurse played by Nimmy March
Signe von Enke played by Sandra Redlaff
Fanny Klaestrom played by Colette O’Neil
Ola Vikander played by Michael Byrne
Fisherman played by Anton Saunders

Director: Benjamin Caron
Writer: Peter Harness

Airdate: Sunday 22 May 2016 on BBC One.

Season 4, Episode 3

Series: Wallander