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Walter Presents: Arctic Circle Premieres Monday 24 October on Channel 4



Walter Presents: Arctic Circle

A deadly virus has been discovered in the blood of a woman in a coma in the icy landscapes of Finish Lapland. In WALTER PRESENTS: ARCTIC CIRCLE, a criminal investigation takes an unexpected turn.

A routine blood test reveals that the Russian sex worker is infected with an unidentified pathogen when police officer Nina Kautsalo discovers her barely alive in an old cabin. German virologist Thomas Lorenz from the European Centre for Disease Control recognises it as an extremely rare and dangerous virus from Yemen that causes miscarriages, foetal deformities, and death.

The Finnish national police have instructed Thomas to travel to Lapland in complete secrecy in order to assess the severity of the issue. Nina and Thomas quickly discover that they must break the law as they look into a string of murders and a virus that threatens to spread far beyond the borders of Lapland. To protect their loved ones, they must rely on one another. But what comes first? A deadly virus or a murderer who is still at large?

This suspenseful crime drama, which was produced before the COVID-19 pandemic, offers its own unique perspective on what might occur when a dangerous virus spreads, all against the backdrop of northern Finland’s strikingly beautiful yet harsh landscape.

Airdate: Monday 24 October 2022 at 11.00pm on Channel 4.