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Wanderlust Episode 6 (Season Finale 9 Oct 2018)



Episode 6: In the season finale Joy (Toni Collette) and Alan (Steven Mackintosh) must face up to the seismic changes in their lives. After a tense encounter with Claire (Zawe Ashton), Joy takes a risk and goes on a bold journey.

The kids are experiencing major life changes of their own, as son Tom’s (Joe Hurst) new relationship progresses in a surprising way and daughter Laura (Celeste Dring) figures out exactly what, and who, she wants for herself.

Joy must make one, final decision about her future…

Pictured above is Emily Riley (Kate O’Flynn)

Airdate: Tuesday 9 October 2018 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC ONE

Season 1, Episode 6 (of 6)

With: Toni Collette, Steven Mackintosh, Joe Hurst, Emma D’Arcy, Celeste Dring, Zawe Ashton, Royce Pierreson,