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The Warleggans play dirty in Poldark Sun 15 Jul on BBC-1The Warleggans play dirty in Poldark Sun 15 Jul on BBC-1


The Warleggans play dirty in Poldark Sun 15 Jul on BBC-1



In episode six of Poldark’s fourth season, premiering at 9.00pm on Sunday 15 July on BBC One, the Warleggens smell blood when they hear about the embezzlement perpetrated by Nathaniel Pearce’s Death (the biggest cheers last week though were provided by the death of the seedy Whitworth). It provides just the ammunition they need to hatch a plan to bring about the collapse of Pascoe’s bank which is where the Poldark’s money is all tied up of course.

In London though, Ross finds Geoffrey Charles (who at the rate he is ageing is likely to be older than Ross by the end of the episode – funny how nobody else seems to be ageing!) being led astray by Monk Adderley and steers his nephew from trouble before telling Elizabeth. Sam convinces Drake to return from exile following his abandonment of Rosina and Morwenna has devastating news…

Dwight meanwhile helps in the development of Truro’s infirmary as Ross, Geoffrey Charles and Caroline return to Cornwall. Drake returns to the village with Sam, who threatens retribution on any who attack his brother and Caroline is reunited with Dwight. Demelza’s plan to restore public faith by paying in money to Pascoe’s fails sending Ross on an urgent mission imploring Basset for help.

At the infirmary’s opening celebration, George gloats over Pascoe’s ruination and he and Ross come to a head. Elizabeth meanwhile has something to confide to George and Ross decides to take Demelza to London with him.

Pictured above is the despicable George Warleggan played by Jack Farthing.

Poldark Season 4 Episode 6 airs Sunday 15 July 2018 at 9.00pm.


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