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Web of Dreams | 2019 | Jennifer Laporte Cindy Busby



Heaven’s mother Leigh had to escape from Farthinggale Manor and the secrets she harbored. Falling into the arms of Luke, his devotion promised her hope as only Luke knew her deepest of secrets. Bravely she bore the suspicions of the hill folk, as she tried to grasp the happiness that long eluded her. With a baby girl, Heaven, on the way, she hoped for a chance at happy ever after.

Jennifer Laporte as Leigh VanVoreen
Cindy Busby as Jillian Tatterton
Max Lloyd-Jones as Troy Tatterton
Tim Donadt as Luke Casteel Sr.
Lizzie Boys as Annie Stonewall
Keenan Tracey as Luke Casteel Jr.
Liam Hughes as Troy Tatterton
Eileen Barrett as Edith
Peter Bundic as James
Monique Phillips as Older Annie Stonewall
Jasmine Lukuku as Nurse
Deborah Finkel as Realtor

Director: Mike Rohl
Creator: Virginia C. Andrews

Airdate: Saturday 24 August 2019 at 8.00pm on Lifetime.