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Wedding at Graceland airs Sat 1 June 2019 on Hallmark



hough separated for years, Laurel Couper (Pickler) and Clay Sheppard (Brown) have known one another since childhood, so it’s no surprise that five months after meeting again at Graceland last Christmas they’re deeply in love and ready for marriage. Sentimental reasons dictate the one place to tie the knot is Graceland’s much-in-demand Chapel, meaning the couple either has to wait a year…or somehow pull together a wedding on the one available date only three weeks away.

Three weeks it is, setting in motion a mad scramble to the altar, complicated by competing sets of well-meaning parents, each claiming to know what’s best for the couple. In this battle of traditions — extravagant southern vs. classic sophisticated — can Laurel and Clay somehow please everyone and still please themselves in time for a June wedding?