Wellmania “Series Premiere” (Netflix Wednesday March 29 2023)




Wellmania airs a new episode tonight Wednesday March 29 2023 on Netflix.

“Series Premiere” Liv’s “live fast, die young” philosophy is challenged by a health scare, and she embarks on a wellness quest to get better.

With Celeste Barber (Liv Healy), J.J. Fong (Amy Kwan), Genevieve Mooy (Lorraine Healy), Lachlan Buchanan (Gaz Healy), Remy Hii (Dalbert Tan), Alexander Hodge (Isaac Huang), Simone Kessell (Helen King), Virginie Laverdure (Valerie Jones), Johnny Carr (Doug Henderson), Miranda Otto (), Leah Vandenberg (Dr. Priyanka Singh), Aden Young

Airdate: Wednesday March 29 2023 at 3.00am on Netflix.

8 Episodes. Full season drop.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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