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Wessex Tales: An Imaginative Woman (S1EP4 BBC Two 28 Nov 1973)



An Imaginative Woman: Fate brings Ella Marchmill to rent the rooms of a poet she has always admired. Her admiration gradually turns into obsession.

Cast: Claire Bloom (Ella), Norman Rodway (Marchmill), Maureen Pryor (Mrs Hooper), Paul Dawkins (uncredited character), Barbara Kellermann (uncredited character), Anne-Louise Wakefield (Mrs Hooper’s Maid), Lasairfhiona Mangan (Marchmill’s Maid), Charles Kinross (Marchmill’s Friend), Max Latimer (Marchmill’s Friend), George Camiller (Robert Trewe), Emma Gohar (Marchmill Child), Julian Gohar (Marchmill Child), Naomi Gohar (Marchmill Child)

Writer: William Trevor / Director: Gavin Millar

Original Airdate: 28 Nov 1973 on BBC Two
Series: Wessex Tales Season 1 Episode 4