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Wessex Tales: Barbara of the House of Grebe (S1EP6 BBC Two 12 Dec 1973)



Wessex Tales BBC 1973

Barbara of the House of Grebe: Lord Uplandtowers (Ben Kingsley) vows that he will make Barbara (Joanna McCallum) his wife. But she has secret plans of her own.

Cast: Joanna McCallum (Barbara), Nick Brimble (Edmond Willowes), Ben Kingsley (Lord Uplandtowers), Leslie Sands (Sir John Grebe), Sheila Allen (Lady Grebe), Robert Rietty, Richard Cornish (Drenkhard), Jean Gilpin (Sarah Drenkhard), John Boswall (The Tutor), Janet Henfrey (Mary), Charles Rea (Bailiff)

Writer: David Mercer / Director: David Jones

Original Airdate: 12 Dec 1973 on BBC Two
Series: Wessex Tales Season 1 Episode 6