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What are the SBS Highlights Tonight Thursday 16 June 2022



What are the SBS Highlights Tonight Thursday 16 June 2022; Tonight sees the premiere of House of Maxwell and the second episode of Brit crime drama DI Ray.

Scenic Coastal Walks with Kate Humble: Ayrshire
Kate walks a rugged and scenic route along Ayrshire’s coast, the birthplace of Scotland’s National Bard, poet Robert Burns. Kate’s 24km walk will follow the Ayrshire Coastal Path south from Ayr, to the coastal farming community at Dowhill, home to a unique and very Scottish potato.

House of Maxwell Series Premiere
3 part documentary series
When Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted of grooming and trafficking underage girls, she became a household name with her face on front pages of newspapers all over the world. But she wasn’t always the most notorious member of the Maxwell family. This episode tells the story of how her father Robert started the extraordinary saga that is the Maxwell family story, and the formative influence he had on the lives of Ghislaine and his other children.

DI Ray
Its the second episode of this four part UK crime drama.
When Rachita wakes up, Anjuli is gone. By this time, Tony has arrived and helps her to her feet. They go door to door asking for accounts from residents who may have seen the attack, as DCI Kerry Henderson arrives and scolds Rachita for the error. Rachita goes to hospital with a concussion, but is back to work the next day, although Kerry wants her out of the way. Anjuli is discovered dead, having been pulled from a canal.

Also late night from 11.35pm are two episodes from season four of Italian crime drama Gomorrah.