What’s Happening on 60 Minutes Australia Tonight Sun 11 September on Channel 9



The passing of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked deep sorrow all over the world.

She will be regarded as one of history’s most admired women due to her 70 years of devoted service. But as her reign comes to an end, a new monarch must be installed.

This Sunday, on a special episode of 60 Minutes, Tara Brown profiles King Charles III, the man who has spent his entire life preparing for the position he has now inherited.

Despite his undeniable commitment to public service, Charles is also a controversial and occasionally divisive figure.

Do you believe he has what it takes to rule as King?

Reporter: Tara Brown
Producers: Amelia Ballinger, Sammi Taylor, Renée Hudson

Airdate: Sunday 11 September 2022 at 8.30pm on Channel 9.

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