What’s Maury About Today Friday March 24, 2023



What's Maury About Today Friday June 2

What’s happening on Maury Today Friday March 24, 2023. Jay says his fiancée is a stalker who follows him around his workplaces to watch him. Jolene claims that her husband brings other women to a secret residence. Trevon claims that his mother is attempting to disrupt his marriage via social media.

Bethany, a promiscuous teenager, is determined to show that her 44-year-old lover is, in fact, the father of her son. While Candice’s dad is busy with his video games, TV, and basketball, Candice and her mom have the responsibility of raising their child.

Airdate: Friday March 24, 2023, Syndicated.

On this daily, hour long talk show, veteran TV journalist Maury Povich tackles contentious issues with his guests and studio audience. Povich’s show is well-known for giving guests the opportunity to take DNA tests to prove or disprove paternity — which usually results in guests crying with joy or sorrow — but it also uses lie-detector tests frequently. Cheaters and out-of-control teenagers are frequently featured on the show, and episodes occasionally focus on outrageous video moments.

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