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What’s On Dr. Phil Today Thursday May 26 on CBS



Dr. Phil Today Thursday May 26 on CBS; Monica claims she used to be an English teacher, a marathon runner, and content, and she wishes she could go back to her old life. She claims she now weighs only 90 pounds and spends her days in bed. She claims she can’t eat solid food because she has C-diff, and she has to tie herself to her bed to avoid sleepwalking and binge eating in the middle of the night.

Stephanie, Monica’s mother, says that caring for her daughter has turned into a full-time job for her, and that she is also caring for her two-year-old son. Monica’s friend Breanna claims Stephanie is overly enabling her and that Monica isn’t taking the necessary steps to improve.

Airdate: Thursday May 26 2022 at 3.00pm on CBS.

Season 20 Episode 157