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What’s On Dr. Phil Today Wednesday May 25 on CBS



Dr. Phil Today Wednesday May 25 on CBS; Dr. Phil has an open and honest conversation with members of the public and law enforcement about the perceived lack of safety on American streets, as well as the growing conflict between civilians and police. Clare Dunn, a country singer, claims she was assaulted by her rideshare driver in Memphis, Tennessee last June. Dunn says her ordeal has left her shaken, and she wants people to know that anything can happen to anyone.

Then, former police officer Aaron speaks candidly about the difficulties officers face in keeping the streets safe. Emada Tingirides, a 27-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department, says the cops are doing everything they can to win the war on violent crime in America. A lawyer and criminal reform policy advisor, Thomas Abt, engages Aaron in a lively debate about the right and wrong ways to reduce crime. Will Dr. Phil and his guests come to a conclusion about how to solve crime in the United States?

Airdate: Wednesday May 25 2022 at 3.00pm on CBS.

Season 20 Episode 156