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When the Boat Comes In: A Land Fit for Heroes and Idiots (BBC-1 8 Jan 1976)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

A Land Fit for Heroes and Idiots: World War One is finally over and Jack Ford (James Bolam) returns from the Great War to the mining town of Gallowshields, on “leave pending discharge”.

Jack has no prospects, but he does have a gift for making himself likable to all levels of  the highly stratified British class system. He also has an eye for every opportunity. He meets schoolteacher Jessie Seaton.

Cast: James Bolam as Jack Ford; Susan Jameson as Jessie Seaton; James Garbutt as Bill Seaton; Jean Heywood as Bella Seaton; John Nightingale as Tom Seaton; Michelle Newell as Mary Seaton; Edward Wilson as Billy Seaton; Malcolm Terris as Matt Headley; James Bate as William Scrimgour; Valerie Georgeson as Lucy Scrimgour; Roger Hammond as Major Reginald Leslie Pinner; Jeffry Wickham as Dr. Lang; Richard Griffiths as P.C. Price; David Hartley as Clerk of Court; Alec Sabin as Defence; Trevor Ainsley as Prosecution; Alan Snell as Francy

Writer: James Mitchell / Director: Ronald Wilson

Original Airdate: 8 January 1976 on BBC One.
Series: When The Boat Comes In Season One Episode One