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When The Boat Comes In: A Wreath with Our Names On (S2EP10 BBC One 14 Jan 1976, John Ringham)



A Wreath with Our Names On: ‘ And if you don’t lie … that poor beggar’ll starve … or his widow will, and his bairns.’ ‘ God knows I don’t want that, but …’ ‘ Then lie.’

Cast: James Bolam (Jack Ford), Susan Jameson (Jessie), James Garbutt (Bill), Jean Heywood (Bella), Madelaine Newton (Dolly), Edward Wilson (Billy), Malcolm Terris (Matt), Catherine Terris (Miss Laidlaw), John Nightingale (Tom), Isla Blair (Lady Caroline), Basil Henson (Sir Horatio Manners), Isobil Nisbet, John Ringham, Fred Pearson, Alan Hockey, Tim Healy, Donald McKillop, Beryl Nesbitt, Susie Johns

Written by James Mitchell; directed by Michael Hayes

Original Airdate: 14 Jan 1976 on BBC One
Series: When The Boat Comes In Season 2 Episode 10