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When The Boat Comes In: Coal Comfort (S1EP5 BBC One 5 Feb 1976)



Picture of When The Boat Comes In Coal Comfort.

Coal Comfort: With the strike continuing people are forced to steal coal. When Jack Ford brings some coal round for the Seatons which he has bought off someone, Bill Seaton tells him to take it away as it is the same as paying the mine owners and is helping them instead of the strikers.

Guest Cast: James Garbutt (Bill), Jean Heywood (Bella), Edward Wilson (Billy), John Nightingale (Tom), Dick Irwin, John Trigger, Joan Rutherford, Vernon Drake, Elizabeth Proud

Writer: Alex Glasgow / Director: Ronald Wilson

Original Airdate: 5 Feb 1976
Series: When The Boat Comes In Season 1 Episode 5