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When The Boat Comes In: God & Love & Wellesley Street (S2EP6 BBC One 3 Dec 1976, Ralph Michael)



God & Love & Wellesley Street: “They say charity begins at home, Jessie. Well maybe it doesn’t, but it ought to.”

Cast: James Bolam (Jack Ford), Susan Jameson (Jessie), James Garbutt (Bill), Jean Heywood (Bella), Edward Wilson (Billy), John Nightingale (Tom), Geoffrey Rose (Arthur), Gordon Faith, Ralph Michael, John Gabriel, Evadne Stevens, Ginnette Clarke, Sheri Shepstone, Vernon Drake

Written by James Mitchell; directed by Terence Williams

Original Airdate: 3 Dec 1976 on BBC One
Series: When The Boat Comes In Season 2 Episode 6