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When The Boat Comes In: Ladies, Women, Sweethearts & Wives (S2EP8 BBC One 17 Dec 1976, Isla Blair)



Ladies, Women, Sweethearts & Wives: ‘ Mr Ford, isn’t it?’ – ‘That’s right ‘ – ‘ Come to see the fun have you? ‘ – ‘ Fun? Not tonight bonny lad. I reckon I’ve seen it.’

Cast: James Bolam (Jack Ford), Susan Jameson (Jessie), James Garbutt (Bill), Jean Heywood (Bella), Geoffrey Rose (Arthur), Madelaine Newton (Dolly), John Nightingale (Tom), Noel O’Connell (Young Tommy), Basil Henson (Sir Horatio Manners), Isla Blair (Lady Caroline), William Fox, David Lawton, Kathleen Helme, Robert McBain, Wendy Williams, Bill Horsley

Written by James Mitchell; directed by Terence Williams

Original Airdate: 17 Dec 1976 on BBC One
Series: When The Boat Comes In Season 2 Episode 8