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When The Boat Comes In: Paddy Boyle’s Discharge (S1EP8 BBC One 26 Feb 1976)



Picture of When The Boat Comes In Paddy Boyle's Discharge.

Paddy Boyle’s Discharge: Mary has died. Jack is joined at the pub by an old army friend, black and tan soldier Sid Hepburn. Jack is surprised to hear that he’s being paid ten bob a day, all found. Tom and Bill arrive, and Jack hears about Mary’s death. Bill calls Jack a “fornicating bastard”. Jack leaves. Sid is joined by a loutish colleague, Harry Bartram.

Cast: James Garbutt as Bill; Jean Heywood as Bella; Michelle Newell as Mary; John Nightingale as Tom; Madelaine Newton as Dolly; Malcolm Terris as Matt; Geoffrey Rose as Arthur; Ralph Watson as Paddy Boyle; Basil Henson as Sir Horatio Manners; George Irving; Patrick Durkin; Gordon Faith; Eamonn Boyce; Terrence Hardiman

Writer: James Mitchell / Director: Leonard Lewis

Original Airdate: 26 Feb 1976
Series: When The Boat Comes In Season 1 Episode 8