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When The Boat Comes In: Some Bulbs to Keep the Garden Bright (S2EP5 BBC One 26 Nov 1976, Anna Pitt)



Some Bulbs to Keep the Garden Bright: “That war …’ ‘ Aye … the one we’re supposed to have won. It changed me, Dolly. You should have known me before. But Matt, he never changed, the same honest trusting lad that likes a drop too much … He shopped me.”

Cast: James Bolam (Jack Ford), Susan Jameson (Jessie), James Garbutt (Bill), Jean Heywood (Bella), Catherine Terris (Miss Laidlaw), Malcolm Terris (Matt), John Nightingale (Tom), Noel O’Connell (Young Tommy), Madelaine Newton (Dolly), Edward Wilson (Billy), Geoffrey Rose (Arthur), Basil Henson (Sir Horatio Manners), Alan Browning (Les Mallow), John Baron, Jim Rushton, Jo Pennington, Gordon Gardner, Anna Pitt

Written by James Mitchell; directed by Bill Hays

Original Airdate: 26 Nov 1976 on BBC One
Series: When The Boat Comes In Season 2 Episode 5