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Who Do You Do? Series Premiere (S1EP1 ITV Fri 7 Jan 1972, Percy Edwards)



In the first episode of Who Do You Do? the format is set, lots of quick fire sketches that don’t out stay their welcome performed in front of a plain white screen.

Alongside resident performers Freddie Starr and Peter Goodwright there were appearances from Margo Henderson, Peter Cavanagh, Percy Edwards, George Meaton, Bruce Allen, Roger Kitter, Barry Cryer and Rogers and Starr.

Barry Cryer was one of the regular script contributors throughout the course of the series. Percy Edwards was famous for his bird calls and Roger Kitter had been appearing in the Fiona Richmond stage farce Pyjama Tops as well as the series It’s Lulu and Frost’s Weekly.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Friday 7 January 1972 at 8.30pm

Series: Who Do You Do? Season 1 Episode 1

Special Material: Barry Cryer, Dick Vosburgh / Musical Director: Sam Harding / Production Design: Bob McGowan / Producer: Jon Scoffield