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Who-Dun-It: A Matter of Honour (S1EP2 ITV Tues 26 Aug 1969, Philip Stone, Hilary Tindall)



Who-Dun-It A Matter of Honour 1969

In A Matter of Honour it’s 1932 and gentleman detective Jeremy Moon is in France staying at a hotel that during world war one served as P.O.W. camp. Also staying there is a group of former British Officers who were held captive there during the war. When one of them is found dead Moon is convinced of foul play.

Once again before the start of the third act Moon offers up the vital clues for the viewers at home.

Lots of well known faces in this one, Glyn Owen and the fabulous Hilary Tindall would go on to star in The Brothers (Owen only for the first season, he best remembered for his long running role as Jack Rolfe in Howards’ Way), Philip Stone was a Stanley Kubrick regular (A Clockwork Orange, Barry Lyndon, The Shining) and notched up lots of TV appearances from the 1960’s onwards, including a regular role in Margaret Lockwood’s popular 1970’s series Justice. Other familiar faces included Basil Henson, Donald Burton and Carolyn Moody.

The photo mystery in the weeks TV Times was called The Case of the Well Dressed Singer with Moon investigating the death of nightclub singer Eve Ryman.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Tuesday 26 August 1969 at 9.00pm

Series: Who-Dun-It Episode 2 (of 13)

Writer: Lewis Greifer / Story: Charlotte and Denis Plimmer / Production Design: Henry Graveney / Director: James Ormerod

Gary Raymond as Jeremy Moon
Donald Burton as David Charteris
Philip Stone as Auguste
Hilary Tindall as Sybil Lindsay
Glyn Owen as Paul Lindsay
Peter Cellier as Dr Freddie Saville
Basil Henson as Lord Duncansby
Terence Edmond as Simon “Bunny” Hennessey
Carolyn Moody as Vicky Hennessey
Ellis Jones as Michel