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Who’s On The Today Show Monday July 4, on ABC



The Today Show Monday July 4, on ABC; (7-9 a.m.) Water and Boat Safety with Miguel Almaguer. Your Health: A Second Chance for a Young Man Diagnosed with a Rare Cancer Saved by Cleveland Clinic Groundbreaking Multi-Organ Transplant. TODAY Wellness: Green Juices: Should You Try It? TODAY Shop: Best Buys for July 4th. TODAY Food: Last Minute July 4th Recipes: Backyard BBQ Cheese Dip and BBQ Meatball Sliders with David Rose.

(9-10 a.m.) 4th of July Grilling with Myron Mixon: Grilled Ribeye with Homemade Steak Sauce. Buddy Up: Hilton Head Fishing + Dinner (re-air). Dad’s Got This: Social Justice Rapper (re-air). First AAPI Girl Scouts CEO (re-air). She Made It: Levain Bakery (re-air). BTS Radio Play and Dylan as Foley Artist (re-air).

Airdate: Monday July 4, 2022 at 7.00am on ABC