Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? Season 3 Premiere (HBO Max Friday January 6 2023)



Who's Talking to Chris Wallace?

Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? airs a new episode tonight Friday January 6 2023 on HBO Max.

Season 3 Premiere Chris Wallace, one of the most admired reporters of our day, engages in wide-ranging, in-depth discussions with notable figures from the worlds of politics, sports, Hollywood, and the arts. When Wallace isn’t talking about politics, he’s talking about one of his many other hobbies — whether that’s in an interview, a chat, or a deep dive into a topic that’s been making news. The opposite of warmth is what he’s after.

Airdate: Friday January 6 2023 at 3.00am on HBO Max.

Season 3 Episode 1

Featured Image Credit: HBO Max

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