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Wicked City: Running with the Devil (ABC 3 Nov 2015 with Joe Walsh)



Wicked City

AIRDATE: Tuesday 3 November 2015 at 10.00pm on ABC

Season 1 Episode 2

Rock Legend Joe Walsh Makes a Guest Appearance as a Music Video Director

Jack and Paco get a lead on the serial killer’s next possible victim and race against the clock to try and track her down before the killer gets to her; Kent struggles over whether or not to invite Betty to take part in his murderous rampage when it becomes clear that she doesn’t trust him and may leave him, and Jack and Paco continue to search for Karen, who has disappeared from the club.

Regular Cast: Ed Westwick as Kent Grainger, Erika Christensen as Betty Beaumontaine, Jeremy Sisto as Jack Roth, Taissa Farmiga as Karen McClaren, Gabriel Luna as Paco Contreras, Karolina Wydra as Dianne Kubek, Evan Ross as Diver Hawkes, Anne Winters as Vicki Roth and Jaime Ray Newman as Allison Roth.

Guest Cast: Kirk Baltz as Detective Artie Bukowski, Sara Mornell as Detective Eileen Miller, Doug Simpson as Detective Ralph Peyton, Talia Toms as Jane, Heather Grace Hancock as Mallory Kharchenko, Olivia Moss as Mary, Georgi Jacobs as Angie, Jennifer O’Brien as Bridget Cartazzo, Joe Walsh as director, Michael Collins as Doug, Dante Swain as manager Mark, Maxwele D’Angelo as TJ and Lew Temple as Dave.

Written by Mick Betancourt and directed by Jon Cassar.



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