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Wicked City: Should I Stay or Should I Go (ABC 10 Nov 2015 with Talia Toms)



Wicked City

AIRDATE: Tuesday 10 November 2015 at 10.00pm on ABC

Season 1 Episode 3

Betty struggles with the revelation that Kent is a serial killer when he gives her a copy of the novel “Phantom of the Opera” and asks her if she can love him the way Christine loved the Phantom.

Meanwhile, Jack and Paco trace the ownership of the lair and identify the body they found in the floorboards as Vera Bennett, a former librarian. During the investigation at the library where Vera used to work, they run into Karen and Diver, who confess about a letter Kent sent them.

Hoping to get additional clues, they are shocked when they uncover a huge surprise on a bookshelf. Later, Dianne points out Jack, and the killer might not be so different after all.

Regular Cast: Ed Westwick as Kent Grainger, Erika Christensen as Betty Beaumontaine, Jeremy Sisto as Jack Roth, Taissa Farmiga as Karen McClaren, Gabriel Luna as Paco Contreras, Karolina Wydra as Dianne Kubek, Evan Ross as Diver Hawkes, Anne Winters as Vicki Roth and Jaime Ray Newman as Allison Roth.

Guest Cast; Kascee Murdock as Freddie Beaumontaine, Talia Toms as Jane, Heather Grace Hancock as Mallory Kharchenko, Vincent Ventresca as Jimmy, Olivia Moss as Mary, Mary Stein as Librarian, Keith Sellon-Wright as Ted, Tanner Stine as Mitch, Lola Wayne Villa as Tiffany Beaumontaine and Kale Clauson as Spicoli.

Written by Melissa Blake and directed by James Muro.



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