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Within These Walls: Inside Out (ITV 6 Dec 1975, with Michael Byrne)



Within These Walls

In Inside Out Joan Martin, who is serving a sentence for petty theft, discovers she is pregnant and is not happy about it. She has suffered two previous miscarriages and is determined that Dr Mayes gives her an abortion. Faye tries to persuade Joan’s husband Dennis to help change her mind.

There is definitely more to the pregnancy that Joan is letting on and she is adamant that she doesn’t want to keep the baby. Joan decides to take drastic action and takes matters into her own hands, almost killing herself in the process. Miss Parrish pays a visit to Mr Martin at home, he is out but a neighbour lets slip that her husband is actually a wide beater. Once it all comes out Miss Clarke arranges for Joan to get help and even start divorce proceedings but she knows deep down that Joan will more than likely go back to her husband.

Another inmate, well to do elderly Lettice Nayland, is in prison for causing a disturbance outside the home of a livestock transporter. She manages to cause quite a few problems for all of the staff.

The episode was the first of several that would be co-written by series regular Mona Bruce (with Robert James, her real life husband). It’s a very strong episode too, one that stresses once again that no matter how much work the staff put in on the inside they have no sway once an inmate is outside. The episode ends with Faye driving out of Stone Park to see Dennis Martin standing across the road just staring into the prison.

classic quote
‘It started on our honeymoon.’

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 6 December 1975 at 9.30pm

Series: Within These Walls

Writers: Mona Bruce, Robert James / Production Design: Michael Oxley / Director: Mike Gibbon

Googie Withers as Faye Boswell
Jerome Willis as Charles Radley
Mona Bruce as Mrs Armitage
Denys Hawthorne as Dr Mayes
Beth Harris as Miss Clarke
Sonia Graham as Martha Parrish
Diana Rayworth as Officer Berryman
Elaine Wells as Officer Spencer
Josie Kidd as Joan Martin
Michael Byrne as Dennis Martin
Trevor Martin as Officer Fred Travers
Robert Lister as John Nayland
Lizzie McKenzie as Maisie Tipping
Sheila Keith as Lettice Nayland
Diana Berriman as Julie Hopkins
Geoffrey Todd as Wally Tipping
Elissa Derwent as Molly Ward
Jenny Laird as Elsbeth McIntosh
Jane Goddard as Elfie Shields
Elizabeth Benson as Mrs Smithson
Marguerita Hardiman as Nita Pacci
Elizabeth Benson as Mrs Smithson