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Within These Walls: Love and the Chaplain (ITV 16 Oct 1976, with Geraldine Moffatt)



Within These Walls Title

In Love and the Chaplain, child killer Aileen Cruddley arrives back at Stone Park after a spell in hospital. She has a special affinity with prison Chaplain Rev David Prentice and claims to be a changed woman. Reverend Prentice believes she has changed but both Dr Mayes and Helen Forrester are not so sure.

Aileen’s behavior once she is on the wing seems to suggest she is genuine but she still faces a hard time from both inmates and officers. Rev Prentice is more than a little put out too when Aileen confesses her love for him. When he tells her firmly that she needs to back off she accuses him of trying to kiss her and professing his love.

Jo Kendall, who plays inmate Maisie, had recently just died a famous soap death as Peggy on Emmerdale Farm. The excellent Jon Laurimore has a small role as a disabled market gardener.

UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 16 October 1976 at 11.00pm

Writer: Kathleen J. Smith / Production Design: Michael Yates / Director: Paddy Russell

Series: Within These Walls Season 4 Episode 7

Katharine Blake as Helen Forrester
Mona Bruce as Mrs Armitage
Denys Hawthorne as Dr Mayes
Beth Harris as Miss Clarke
Sonia Graham as Martha Parrish
Geraldine Moffatt as Aileen Cruddley
Miranda Forbes as Officer Parsons
Maggie Riley as Clare Prentice
David Butler as Rev David Prentice
Elaine Wells as Officer Spencer
Jane Collins as Jean Galloway
Sheila Brennan as Blanche
Jo Kendall as Maisie
Doreen Andrew as Sister Baxter
Ena Cabayo as Zwambuli
Ann Wrigg as Mrs Galloway
Jon Laurimore as Tom Hulme