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Within These Walls: Mixer (ITV 21 Jan 1978, with Nina Thomas)



Within These Walls Title Generic

In Mixer, the opening episode of the fifth and final season, Helen Forrester is on a years leave of absence, studying the prison system in Scandanavia. Meanwhile new governor Sarah Marshall has arrived from Lexham prison, which mostly deals with first offenders. Charles Radley and Mrs Armitage are both concerned that she will be too lax in her attitude. However on her first she quickly proves otherwise.

When she meets Dr Mayes he realises she is an old flame (from 25 years before) that he had an affair with before she was married. The pair agree to keep their former liason quiet.

In the prison inmate Mitch seems to be stirring up trouble on Marian Collins’ wing, there is a general air of bad feeling and a few nasty bits of business with events reaching a crescendo when Mitch attacks Prison Officer Parks and almost strangles her. Governor Marshall has a feeling that although Mitch did obviously attack Officer Parks she was stirred into by somebody else – in fact she is certain that fellow inmate Mandy, whom the Governor knew at her previous establishment, is to blame.

Despite the popularity of the series this fifth season was not actually fully networked across the ITV regions. There was a gap of a just over a year between the end of season four and the start of season five. Sarah Marshall makes an excellent debut as Susan Marshall, something of a return to the sparkle of Faye Boswell in fact. Mind Your Language fans may like to notice an appearance from Zara Nutley as inmate Nancy.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 21 January 1978 at 9.00pm

Writer: David Butler / Production Design: Andrew Gardner / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: Within These Walls Season 5 Episode 1

Sarah Lawson as Susan Marshall
Mona Bruce as Mrs Armitage
Jerome Willis as Charles Radley
Denys Hawthorne as Peter Mayes
Beth Harris as Liz Clarke
Elaine Wells as Officer Spencer
Hazel Clyne as Marian Collins
Edwina Ford as Officer Parks
Carole Bollard as Officer Bailey
Nina Thomas as Mandy Shaw
Anita Graham as Karen Riley
Paola Dionisotti as Ruby Mitchell
Jacquie Dubin as Tinker Rosen
Zara Nutley as Nancy