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Within These Walls: Raft (ITV 4 Feb 1978, with Joanna David)



Within These Walls

Raft is a sequel to the season four story Vacuum picking up the case of Marian Pearce who is still basically living in a world of silence after having been victimised by Prison Officer Dianne Royal. Dianne herself is seriously struggling and the episode contrasts her treatment as an out patient receiving limited psychiatric help and that of Marian who is on the psychiatric ward at the Prison Hospital and receiving round the clock care in a bid to integrate her back into the rest of the prison. Liz is concerned that Peter and Dr Dady are treating her as something of an experiment.

Charles is the only one concerned about Dianne’s welfare, he pays her a visit before she is due to see her psychiatrist. She couldn’t stand Marian’s world of silence but she is learning to live with silence herself now. She asks Charles to pass a message on to Marian wishing her luck.

The final ten minutes of the episode are given over to the Raft game the inmates are playing, 8 people on board, but the raft is sinking and can only take four, who to sacrifice, who to save etc. After Charles gives Marian Dianne’s message he thinks it hasn’t made any difference but then she emerges from her room and joins in on the raft and even speaks.

It’s another strong P.J. Hammond script even if the end is a little pat.

The slightly different arrangement of the theme tune plays out over the credits as the raft game continues and then we shift to a final shot of Dianne home alone in the silence.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 4 February 1978 at 9.00pm

Writer: P.J. Hammond/ Production Design: Colin Monk / Director: Christopher Hodson

Series: Within These Walls Season 5 Episode 3

Sarah Lawson as Susan Marshall
Jerome Willis as Charles Radley
Denys Hawthorne as Peter Mayes
Beth Harris as Liz Clarke
Amanda Murray as Officer Dianne Royal
Kenneth Watson as Dr Farrer
Joanna David as Marian Pearce
Margaret Ford as Hilda
Kathleen Moffatt as Muriel
Gillian Rhind as Mike
Sheila Kelley as Jill
Toni Kanal as Nurse Moore
Simon MacCorkindale as Dr Dady
Mela White as Claire