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Within These Walls: Sisters (ITV 18 Feb 1978, with Jeanne Watts)



In Sisters elderly Mrs Spooner has been imprisoned for some time and although her release is due in three weeks time she is adamant that she doesn’t intend to leave Stone Park. Before her imprisonment Mrs Spooner had lived with her sister but tells Liz Clarke that there is no way she can return there. Liz decides to pay a visit to the sister who tells her that she is absolutely willing to let her return. Mrs Spooner is very different from her sister but is sure that things will be alright once she returns ‘home’. In the end it turns out that Mrs Spooner’s sister treats her as little more than a servant. It’s all just too much for Mrs Spooner and she sets the house on fire, almost killing her sister in the process.

Meanwhile Peter Mayes and Susan Marshall are rekindling their earlier friendship going on a date to the movies together and taking things even further with a weekend away. Despite having broken up with Peter some months before Liz still feels hurt by the new relationship.

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 18 February 1978 at 11.15pm

Writers: John Gorrie / Production Design: Frank Nerini / Director: John Gorrie

Sarah Lawson as Susan Marshall
Denys Hawthorne as Peter Mayes
Beth Harris as Liz Clarke
Sonia Graham as Martha Parrish
Jerome Willis as Charles Radley
Elaine Wells as P.O. Spencer
Patricia Macrae as Officer Norris
Jeanne Watts as Ellen Spooner
Mary Chester as Mrs Hopwood
Alison Leggatt as Alice Drewett
Pearl-Ann Turner as Coral
Norman Shelley as Colonel Henderson
Christine Sheldon-Williams as Mrs Ransome