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Within These Walls: Someone’s Got To Do It (ITV 4 Dec 1976, with Pamela Stephenson)



As befitting an episode co-written (with her husband) by series regular Mona Bruce the emphasis is very much on the prison officers in Someone’s Got To Do It. The staff are stretched to breaking point and a flu outbreak is making matters worse.

Meanwhile Chief Officer Molly Armitage has troubles of her own, her invalid husband Ted seems to be getting worse. She is also concerned that a woman she knew, Jean Betts, when she was in the ATS during the war, is in Stone Park on remand.

Young prison officer Miss Dove is the only one who can get through to very troubled and mentally subnormal Marleen but when Marleen barricades herself in her cell in a bid to see Miss Dove (who has come down with flu) things get very out of hand. Miss Dove, despite being ill, does persuade Marleen to let her in to her cell – when Miss Dove collapses Marleen attacks her face with a fork. The violent event and the facts of her husbands worsening condition prompts Molly to think about resigning. There is an excellent long scene between Mrs Armitage and Helen Forrester where the pair have something of a heart to heart.

For the first time in the series an actress turns up as a completely different inmate, Pam St Clement plays Marleen and previously played Linda Silvers in the season 1 episode Labour of Love. Of the main staff only Mrs Armitage and Helen Forrester appear and on the prison officer front only Officers Parsons, Carto, Treubridge and Wells appear, the rest of the staff (including a guest appearance from Pamela Stephenson) are newcomers to the show.

classic quote
“How long have you worked at Stone Park Mrs Armitage?”
“21 Years. Perhaps they will give me a key to let me out.”

production details
UK / ITV – London Weekend Television / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Saturday 4 December 1976 at 8.00pm

Writers: Mona Bruce, Robert James / Production Design: Rodney Cammish / Director: Mike Gibbon

Series: Within These Walls Season 4 Episode 14

Mona Bruce as Molly Armitage
Charles Morgan as Ted Armitage
Katharine Blake as Helen Forrester
Miranda Forbes as Officer Parsons
Jumoke Debayo as Officer Carto
Elaine Wells as P.O. Spencer
Liz Goulding as Officer Truebridge
Pamela Stephenson as Officer Dove
Ann Tirard as Officer Wakely
Pam St Clement as Marleen
Naomi Chance as Jean Betts
Kate David as Paula
Rosalind Wilson as Mel