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Wonderland: Toxic (Channel 10 4 Mar 2015 with Tracy Mann)



Australia / Channel 10 / 1×60 minute episode / Broadcast Wednesday 4 March 2015 @ 8.30pm

Series: Wonderland / Season 2 Episode 10

Misreading the cool relations between Tom and his mum, Miranda mistakenly believes Sascha is at the heart of the problem. She decides to counsel Tom against trusting his ex, not realising Sascha is listening to the whole conversation in the next room. The gloves are about to come off.

Carlos comes down with a fever and believes it is a result of a lack of sex. When Grace nurses him through the worst of it, Carlos misreads the signs and makes the moves on her.

Warwick makes a surprise visit to Maggie who is feeling very guilty about her affair with Callan. It might be time for this Wonderlander to come clean.

Anna Bamford as Miranda Beaumont
Michael Dorman as Tom Wilcox
Emma Lung as Colette Riger
Tracy Mann as Maggie Wilcox
Glenn McMillan as Carlos dos Santos
Ben Mingay as Rob Duffy
Tim Ross as Steve Beaumont
Brooke Satchwell as Grace Barnes
Jessica Tovey as Dani Varvaris
Simone Kessell as Sasha Clarke
Peter Phelps as Warwick Wilcox
Les Hill as Max Saliba
Martin Sacks as Callan Beaumont
Michael Booth as Harry Hewitt
Elise Jansen as Ava McGuire
Mirko Grillini as Trent Morris