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World’s Funniest Animals: Christmas (S2EP The CW Wed 1 Dec 2021)



Christmas: Elizabeth welcomes special guest Kayla Compton to watch and discuss comical animal videos with Christmas themes, featuring commentary by Carmen Hodgson, Neel Ghosh, Mikalah Gordon, Brandon Rogers, Noah Matthews, Maiara Walsh and Brian Cooper.

Airdate: Wed 1 Dec 2021 at 21:00 on The CW

Season 2 Episode 

World’s Funniest Animals is hosted by Elizabeth Stanton ("Popstar This Week") who, along and her celebrity guest panel, looks at animals doing the funniest things ever caught on video.  The series includes viral internet clips of funny animal moments, hilarious animal clips from major motion pictures and your favorite TV series, animal outtakes that surprise the whole cast and crew, videos of babies and pets as well as celebrities and their pets.