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The Worst Witch Episode 2 (CBBC 18 Jan 2017, Jenny Richardson)



Worst Witch Episode 2

In the second episode of the new Worst Witch reboot, which airs Wednesday 18 January at 4.30pm, Mildred is very excited about starting the term at Cackle’s Academy, but Ethel Hallow (Jenny Richardson, seen in our picture above) is still smarting about Mildred ruining her entrance exam and is in no hurry to let it go!

Mildred is disappointed when the girls get to choose their cats – but no black cats are left and she’s stuck with a tabby. What’s worse, Tabby is petrified of flying and causes chaos in broomstick lessons, leading to Miss Hardbroom telling Mildred she might fail.

Maud offers to swap cats, but Mildred decides to heed Miss Hardbroom’s words and take responsibility for herself. Ethel surprises everyone by saying she’ll help, but what she really does is make Tabby and Maud’s cat Midnight swap places by putting sardine juice on Mildred’s broomstick. Mildred passes the flying exam but Maud fails spectacularly. No one believes Mildred’s pleas of innocence and she is expelled.

However, Maud and Mildred soon realise that Ethel put a spell on the sardine juice. There’s only one way to prove it though, and they try the switching potion – and turn into each other!

With a little help from Tabby, Ethel is eventually found out and is given a reprieve – though her sister Esmerelda warns Ethel to change her ways.

Mildred finally manages to fly – with Tabby in a satchel!

Mildred is played by Bella Ramsey, Maud by Meibh Campbell, Ethel by Jenny Richardson and Miss Hardbroom by Raquel Cassidy.

The Worst Witch Episode 2 (of 12) airs on Wednesday 18 January 2017 from 4.30pm-5.00pm on CBBC



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