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You Won’t Believe This: Episode 1 (Tuesday 22 November 2022 Channel 4)



You Won't Believe This

Today Tuesday 22 November 2022 the show You Won’t Believe This airs an episode called Episode 1 on Channel 4.

Episode 1: You’re invited to the game show where telling tall tales could fill your piggy bank. The brand-new interrogation game is hosted by Ellie Taylor, and it allows members of the public who consider themselves amateur sleuths to hear unbelievable tales from a series of “suspects,” but only one of them is telling the truth. All of the suspects are questioned by skilled police detectives in order to help separate the truth from the fiction.

They delve into the stories, poking, probing, and poring over every detail, grilling them in the pressure-cooker environment of an interrogation cell using techniques used on criminals. It’s up to the suspects to make a strong case for their version of events. If the contestants correctly identify the lie, they receive a cash reward. But if they choose a fake instead, the fraud suspect escapes with the cash.

In the first episode, a top-notch team of police interrogators listens to ordinary people tell extraordinary tales in a remote, off-grid location. Who, however, is being truthful? Only one person’s account is true; the other three are meticulously concocted lies. The truth-tellers from the big, fat fakers must be distinguished by our watching players. If they are correct, they will receive £5,000; if they are incorrect, the blagger will walk away with the money.

The suspects are meticulously cross-examined by trained police interrogators in a state-of-the-art confession cell while the player, with host Ellie’s assistance, evaluates the suspects’ testimony from a covert surveillance room.

This time, four people describe how they chose to reject civilization, and four more say they had the worst first dates of their lives. Amateur investigators Karen, 60, from Kent, and Antony, 39, from West Sussex, join Ellie and work to flush out the truth-tellers in an effort to escape with the money. Can they tell whose pants are on fire when people claim to have joined a sacrificial cult or to have lived as an alpine goat?

Series Prod: Matthew Gillbe; Dir: Rob Fisher; Exec Prods: Kate Edmunds, Jonno Richards; Prod Co: Talkback, a Fremantle label

Airdate: Tuesday 22 November 2022 at 22:00 on Channel 4

Season 1 Episode 1

Members of the public who fancy themselves as amateur sleuths will hear unbelievable stories from a succession of ‘suspects’ – but only one of them is telling the truth. 

To help them work out who it is, they’ll have the luxury of help from seasoned police detectives who put each suspect through a bells and whistles police interrogation. Using tactics they’re used to deploying on criminals, they’ll be digging into the stories prodding, probing and pouring over every detail giving them the grilling of their lives from the pressure cooker environment of an interrogation cell. It’s up to the suspects to do a convincing job of selling the fact that they did indeed live as a goat, try to pick their way out of a giant freezer with a bone or drink turtle blood when shipwrecked.  

If they manage to spot the truth, they’re treated to a cash prize. However, if they fail and pick a fake, in the ultimate twist of the knife the liar walks away with their cash.

Featured image credit: Channel 4