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You Won’t Believe This Episode 3 (Channel 4 Tuesday 6 December 2022)



You Won't Believe This

Today Tuesday 6 December 2022 the show You Won’t Believe This airs a new episode called Episode 3.

Members of the public who consider themselves amateur sleuths can play the interrogation game hosted by Ellie Taylor and learn unbelievable tales from a series of “suspects,” but only one of them is telling the truth.

This time, four suspects assert that they survived a maritime catastrophe, and four more assert that they nearly perished while at work.

In an effort to uncover the truth teller and win £5,000, Ellie is joined by amateur investigators Adamya, 30, of London, and Kunle, 39, also of London.

But if they make a mistake and choose a fake, the fraud suspect escapes with the money.


Today, Tuesday 6 December 2022, the episode Episode 3 airs at 11.05pm on Channel 4.

Season 1 Episode 3

Featured Image Credit: Channel 4