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Your Garden Made Perfect: Episode 4 (S1EP4 BBC Two Thurs 25 Feb 2021)



Suzanne and Andrew have a huge problem in their lives: a derelict, crater-sized swimming pool in their back garden in Plymouth. When they bought the house, they dreamt of lounging around on their sunbaked south-coast riviera with friends and family, but the reality has been a nightmare.

A succession of landscaping companies have run a mile the moment they gaze into the abyss, but Suzanne and Andrew are determined to transform this treacherous space into the garden of their dreams. Their budget doesn’t even stretch to simply filling it in, so how can they transform this empty pool into anything resembling a garden?

Airdate: Thurs 25 Feb 2021 at 8.00pm on BBC Two

Season 1 Episode 4