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Your Home Made Perfect: Naomi and Yehuda (S3EP7 BBC Two Wed 13 Oct 2021)



Naomi and Yehuda: When Naomi and Yehuda bought their 1950s post-war semi in Hertfordshire, they thought they had found the ideal home for them and their growing family. Sadly, they soon discovered that the home had little character, and whilst the rooms were a good size, many had no designated purpose – a particular issue was the tiny, cramped kitchen. Yehuda and Naomi are Jewish and keep a kosher kitchen, but there isn’t enough space to keep the cooking and kitchenware for meat and dairy separate, so half of their saucepans currently live in the shed.

Yehuda and Naomi dream of a home where they can mark all of life’s big milestones, surrounded by family and friends, but agreeing on how to achieve it is proving tricky. Yehuda isn’t afraid of being bold and wants colour, originality and something unique, but Naomi thinks Yehuda is too ‘out there’ as a risk taker who gets carried away. She wants to play it safe and yearns for a practical home with tons of storage.

Robert Jamison and Laura Jane Clark go head-to-head to try to solve this huge challenge. Can they create designs that satisfy these two very different visions?

Airdate: Wed 13 Oct 2021 at 20:00 on BBC Two

Season 3 Episode 7

In a first for British television, cutting-edge virtual reality and visual effects enable people to see what their future home could look like, before building it in reality.

Never have plans come to life like this: people can instantly explore a stunning transformation of their bedroom, walk around an incredible double-height kitchen, or see how adding a gigantic picture window will turn a dingy lounge into a showstopping sitting room. In each episode, a family will be presented with two radically different designs by two extraordinary architects. Which ambitious renovation idea will they choose for their perfect home?