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Zombie House Flipping (Saturday December 3, 2022 Fort Worth: Canyon Ridge on A&E)



Zombie House Flipping

Tonight Saturday December 3, 2022 the show Zombie House Flipping airs a new episode.

On, Saturday December 3, 2022, the episode Fort Worth: Canyon Ridge airs at 11:00 on A&E.

Episode Summary

After the previous tenants abandoned it and covered it in cat feces, RJ, Cassi, and Nicole work to completely renovate one of the smelliest houses on the block, wondering if they will turn a profit as they take a chance on the smelly house.

Airdate and Episode Count

Saturday December 3, 2022 at 11:00 on A&E

Season 5 Episode 1

Show Info

On Zombie House Flipping, Justin Stamper and his team are buying and fixing up abandoned, bank-owned zombie houses.

Featured image credit: A&E