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1966 NBC Publicity List Of 17 Injuries Suffered By Tarzan Star Ron Ely During the show’s first season



Tarzan Ron Ely

Tarzan ran for two seasons and was mostly filmed in on location in Brazil and Mexico where the production team where often beset by bad weather and accidents.

As you can see from this 1966 NBC publicity release most of the accidents seemed to happen to Tarzan hmimself: “Ron Ely, title star of the NBC Television Network color adventure series, Tarzan,’ insists on doing all his own stunts and animal fights. The results have been at least seventeen wounds and injuries, as shown here”

Tarzan Ron Ely

1. Seven stitches in head from lion bite
2. Broken nose in waterfight
3. Dislocated jaw in fight
4. Wrenched neck and disc in vine-swinging accident
5. Right shoulder broken from vine breaking mid-swing
6. Left shoulder broken from vine breaking mid-swing
6. Left shoulder separation in vine-swinging accident
7. Three broken ribs froms ameaccident
8. Right biceps muscle torn in lion fight
9. Clawmarks from leopard and puma fight
10. Sprained wrists from action scenes
11. Left leg hamstring muscle pulled
12. Right thigh muscle pulled
13. Bites and claw marks from jungle animals
14. Both ankles sprained from hard landings after leaps 15. Tops of both feet badly scratched in stunt fall downhill 16. Cracked left heel from fall
17. Bottom of right foot torn, slipping down rocky mountain

“All that and more from only the first season (September 1966 to September 1967).”